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Get things done with your team

Get things done with your team

Plan and organize anything

Pottery Class

Art Show

Work Project

Trip to NYC

Team Meeting

Soccer Practice

... and much more

Snooze tasks

Busy? Need a moment? Something urgent came up? Snooze a task so you can return to it at a later time, in another place, or in a better headspace.


Focus mode

Do away with the superfluous and hone in on what matters; Focus mode removes distractions so you can work smarter and harder.


Calendar view

Time block tasks across projects directly on your calendar to level up your focus and get a quick overview of what's important.


Create via email

Never overlook another to-do item in your email again — star items in your inbox to automatically convert them into tasks on Superlist.


Group assignment

Easily share individual tasks with multiple people in a few simple clicks.


Nudges as reminders

When deadlines are approaching and you’re waiting on work from your team, send a friendly reminder to help move things along.


Customizable app

Color your app, add cover images to projects, and effortlessly dim the lights to dark mode when it’s time to wind down.


Large projects

Superlist is designed to look simple, friendly, and approachable. But don’t let that fool you; the ability to nest tasks infinitely means it’s perfectly capable of handling all your big, bold projects.


Cross platform

You’re on a Mac, but your partner is on Windows? Your phone is an Android, but they have an iPhone? No biggie; Superlist has cross-platform compatibility to make collaborating a breeze.


Private and secure

Your ideas and intellectual property are all safe with Superlist. Our security engineers work tirelessly to ensure maximum, European-grade privacy and security.


In our company ethos, we value the individual essence of each business, recognizing its particular goals, challenges, and opportunities. This understanding fuels our dedication to providing a wide array of services, enabling you to build a business tailored precisely to your unique needs.

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